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About Us

Who We Are

Mindy Gagné, Partner, IpsaOptio Business Solutions


Purpose and Values

Our purpose is why we do what we do. Our values define our behavior.

Our Purpose 

Our purpose is to build trust and impart meaningful outcomes.


In an increasingly complex world, we help businesses adapt and evolve so they can benefit their communities. We help guide our clients to make informed decisions and operate effectively.

Our Core Value

Our values define who we are, what we believe, and how we behave.

We all play a part in bringing them to life.

While we come from different backgrounds and cultures, our values are what we have in common. They guide how we work with our clients and each other, and hold us accountable to do our best at all times. They dictate our actions and determine our success.

Our Values help us work towards our Purpose of building trust and imparting meaningful outcomes.

The trust that our clients, communities, and our people place in Inside Out Taxes and Accounting, and our high standards of ethical behavior are fundamental to everything we do. Our values are the basis of our Code of Conduct which is our foundation for the decisions we make every day. It's how we do business.


These values are a compass to get us to our destination.

Integrity First

  • Promote honesty and fairness in all we do

  • Speak up for what is right, especially when it is difficult

  • Expect and deliver the highest quality results

  • Make decisions and act with the highest level of integrity, especially when no one is watching


Work Together

  • Collaborate and share relationships, ideas, and knowledge beyond limits

  • Seek and unite a diverse range of perspectives, people and ideas

  • Give and accept feedback to improve ourselves and others

  • Build trusting relationships and make this a special place to be


Be the Difference

  • Stay informed and ask questions about the future of the world we live in

  • Create positive outcomes with our colleagues, our clients, and our community through our actions

  • Respond with flexibility to the ever-changing world in which we operate

  • Remember even the smallest actions can be significate



  • Make the effort to understand every individual and what matters to them

  • Recognize the value that each person contributes

  • Support others to grow and work in the ways that bring out their best

  • Work to always improve


Reimagine the Possibilities

  • Ensure the confidence to imagine, build and grow

  • Dare to challenge the status quo and try new things

  • Do not let fear stop you from innovating, testing, and learning from failure

  • Have an open mind to the possibilities in every idea



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